Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thoughts on the sugarskull girl

Hey there! Thought I'd say something about my old sugarskull design that's long overdue. It is by far my most wiewed blog post with mindboggling 60 000 unique visitors since i posted it two years back, and it ranks in the very top when image-googling "sugar skull". I think that's AWESOME, but it also gets me thinking...
I deliberately choose to post my pictures without ugly watermarks, and I'm not surprised, nor offended, by the easy access that comes with publishing online.
But please remember: I very much appreciate the people that take the time to write me a line asking for permission!
I've had so many requests about using this picture for tattoo designs that I've come to regard it as flash by now, as my answer always have been 'yes'. However, I've kindly asked for pictures of the finished result, and received none.
This is making me ask the question; how many sugarskull tattoos are really out there? So far I've only stumbled upon one:

I also have this sketch from deviantart:

But something tells me there's more... So if you've tattooed this, please hook me up with some pics! I'd be thrilled! My egotistical mind loves the thought that something I made with my hands have traveled to the other side of the world and have been etched into minds and skins of people without them knowing a thing about the swedish girl behind it ;) I love watching the different versions of the same image, and would love to get in touch with all of you!